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Technology: keeping your business up to date

Using technology to keep your business up to date is not an everyday choice but something that is vital to keep everything running smoothly. Security systems, computers, phone systems, networks and even office productivity software can all be impacted by not using technology to keep your business up to date.
It doesn’t matter if it is a simple point of sale system tracking your purchases or even a network that can link people and companies around the world, technology plays a huge role in getting the most out of your business. Keeping your business up to date and using technology is needed to ensure you are getting the most out of your day to day life in both an efficient way and systematic.

By integrating technology to keep everything up to date, won’t cost you an arm and a leg as you can use the resources that are already available. 
There are a few things to do that are easy to do and will keep your business up with the technology and is well worth the time invested for your business.

Determine the needs:

Know what is relevant to you and the business. If the main point is sales, then you are going to have staff spending a lot of time communicating with current and potential customers. An efficient tool for communicating will be an important factor for a sales type business. List all the ways you stay connected such as the phone system, laptops, iPad and cell phones. Go ahead and list the important things that you need to do with technology like send the same email to many clients or a spreadsheet that all employees need to view.
Knowing what is important in your business will help you to determine the best technology to use to keep everything up to date.

Save time with technology where you can
You can save time with your payroll by using specific device apps. This means you have easy access instead of waiting for payrolls to load online.

Being visible
You need to be online. You need to have plenty of online presence to drive people to your webpage. You need to implement the use of search engine optimisation SEO and their formulas to improve search results and ratings. Investing in some digital marketing will keep your business up to date with the latest trends

Being connected:
Being involved in sites such as Linked-in can keep you connected with others who also have a passion for a certain industry. Use as many social media platforms and apps as you can to get connected with as many people as you can.

Maximising the tax
There is no more relying on the local tax man anymore. With technology, we can have access to those who can help with tax credits and deductions that you didn’t know were possible. Internet technology can keep your business up to date with the tax law changes to ensure you are not paying more than you should and getting the maximum turn back.


You don’t just need to worry about credit fraud. Adding online components into your business means you need to protect all the virtual data. Hire an online security service in order to keep everything protected.

Technology can be hard to keep up with, but it is vital to keep your business up to date. Picking a few technology-based components to bring into your business can help not only grow your business but keep staff and customers relax and stress-free.

 Tag: Using technology to keep your business up to date is not an everyday choice but something that is vital to keep everything running smoothly.

Massive new digital tax says Australian government

The Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday released the figures to show engagement with the digital economy is skyrocketing. Broadband downloads increased by over 3.8 billion gigabytes and mobile downloads gre by more than 41 per cent.

Australians are consuming more but compared to the world’s digital behemoths based overseas it leaves a perceived tax imbalance while Silicon Valley gets bumper profits.

Here are some figures to blow your mind:

  • Facebook has 17 million users
  • 9.8 million Australians now watch Netflix
  • In 2017, over 3.7 million Uber trips were taken over a three-month period

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in May that he would not wait for the rest of the world to act before he handed down his last budget as treasurer.

Josh Frydenberg, his successor, repeated those sentiments, putting digital multinationals on notice to expect change.

He said last Tuesday, “the government remains concerned that some very profitable, highly digitised companies pay very little tax in the countries in which they do business.”

However, the Treasury warned that while there is no guarantee that international consensus will ultimately emerge, a multilateral solution is still likely to be several years away.

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